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What's Your True Business all about?

True Business is a groundbreaking business model for creatives who want to do business differently. 

All the pioneers, misfits, teachers, healers, artists, therapists, writers and trailblazers come right on in. 

Unleash your heart’s wisdom and creativity on what you were born for; on your True Business that is so natural to you it doesn't feel like work. When we are alignment with our true nature and purpose we experience creative flow, clarity and calm confidence. We enjoy wellness, fulfilment and prosperity. We thrive.  

Connection. Creativity. Community.

Entrance to The True Business School is free and you are welcomed into a community of warm, creative people you can connect and collaborate with. 

You benefit from free events and access to courses and a global business membership for you to follow the wise, creative path of your heart in business.

True Business School courses include:

Your True Business - a 6 week course to unleash your heart's wisdom and creativity on what you were born for. Align with your purpose, audience, signature offering, financial structure and vision for your True Business.

The Divine Plan - a global business membership to bring your heart’s vision of your True Business into being. 

PR with Heart - a 6 week course to grow your audience and visibility. Align with your purpose, audience, optimal channel, message and power to champion your True Business.

I'm Kat.

As a former global communications director working with the biggest names in sport, I experienced burn out. 

My intuition led me to Antigua, an island in the Caribbean, where immersion in nature restored my wellness and the inspiration for True Business followed. 

You'll find all of this along with a roadmap to create your True Business in the upcoming book, 'Your True Business: Unleash the wisdom and creativity of your heart on what you were born for.' 

Say hello at: kat@katbyles.com.

Thank you. Come on in.

Thank you for being here. Unleashing your heart's wisdom and creativity sends a wave of compassion, inclusion and generosity through your business, through your whole life. 

Imagine a giant Mexican wave of heart energy moving through business, all the way around the world, as one by one we choose to unleash our heart's wisdom and creativity on what we were born for. 

A wave big enough for humanity to thrive.

Come on in. 

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